Case Study

Factory made floor screed for residential complex

1. Good quality floor screed with good workability 2. Fast response Technical support whenever problem occurred 3. Good delivery service to provide high volume demand

1 Park Residence is a residential complex located in the heart of a prestigious area in Jakarta. With three towers and private swimming pool in the middle, the project has high expectation for good quality products and to receive good services. Due to the size of the project and the building positioning as high end residential project, the challenge is how to provide a good quality product in large quantities.

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Our product is the most trusted brand in the flooring category with factory made mortars. Besides flooring we also provide solutions for wall and tile fixing. The substrate was a concrete slab and we first applied MU - L500 as a bonding agent. Afterwards the MU - 440 Floor Screed was applied with a minimum 20 mm thickness. After evening and hardening the surface is covered with marble or tiling as floor covering.

Type of floor: Underlayment 

Type of building:Residential 

Total size of floor area: 80 000 m² 

Year of construction: 2012 

Owner: Intiland 

Architect: PT. Duta Cermat Mandiri 

Contractor/Applicator: Total Bangun Persada 

Weber product used: - MU-440 Floor Screed


1 Park residence