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PRIMA Flex [International]

PRIMA Flex is an eco-friendly multipurpose fibre cement board that can be used for both internal & external applications. It is the first choice in flat sheets among industry professionals. PRIMA Flex performs exceedingly well when all aspects of good design detail and workmanship are met.


PRIMA Lattice

PRIMA Lattice is an autoclaved fibre-reinforced cement sheet consisting of high-quality cellulose fibre, finely ground sand, portland cement and water. It serves well functionally and aesthetically for partitions and screening.


PRIMA Lux [International]

PRIMA Lux is designed specifically for wall and ceiling lining applications.

When installed as an internal wall lining, PRIMA Lux is suitable for dry and wet area applications (where the flush joint is not required.) Making it an ideal substrate for wall tiles.

Additionally, PRIMA Lux can be applied


PRIMA Plank Ceiling

The PRIMAplank Ceiling is specially designed for internal and external ceiling applications. It helps to diminish the usual array of problems such as water stains, mold, termites, fire and abrasive external weather conditions. It is available in smooth and woodgrain surface textures.


PRIMA Plank Decking

Manufactured using precision cutting technology, PRIMAplank Decking is ideal for decking, flooring & steps application. PRIMAplank Decking strips are lightly chamfered along their length resulting in neat inverted ‘V‘ shape lines along the strip‘s joints. Ideal for pool decking and landscape walkways. It is currently available in timbergrain surface textures.


PRIMA Plank Gate & Fencing

Available in smooth and woodgrain surface texture with a standard square cut profile, this product is used when the highly durable decorative gate or fencing material has been specified, PRIMAplank Gate & Fencing material satisfies virtually all of the design prerequisites.