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epoxy grout_0

weberfill epoxy grout

Multi colored, Chemical & water proofed epoxy resin based grout.

  • Minimizes growth of fungus, algae, mould and baceria on grout surface.
  • Enable tile joints to be easily maintained in sterile conditions.

ultra plus grout

weberfill ultra plus grout

Anti-Bacteria, Anti-Fungus, Multi colored, water resistant, compressible cement based unsanded color grout for floor and wall tile.

weberdry PUD coat 20200303_0

weberdry PUD coat

weberdry PUD coat is a single-component, low VOC, liquid applied waterproofing membrane. It is highly elastic, UV-resistant, seals roof leaks and extends the roof service life. 

weberdry PUM coat Option 1 - 20191108

weberdry PUM coat

weberdry PUM coat is a single component, low VOC, liquid applied waterproofing membrane. It is highly elastic producing a seamless, crack bridging membrane for roofs, balconies, floor slabs, RC gutters, foundations and retaining walls.

weberfix supergrip

weberfix supergrip

weberfix supergrip is non-slip, acrylic based, flexible, water resistant, thin bed, ready mixed adhesive conforming to BS 5980 : 1980 for a Type 2 Class AA Adhesive.

ceramic Cleaner_1ltr_fixed_v010

weberklin ceramic cleaner


weberklin ceramic cleaner is a ready to use, user friendly, acid based cleaning agent for use on ceramic tiles. Manufactured to stringent Internal Quality Assurance System, conforming to BS 5750 : Part 2 : 1987.