weberfill fine grout

Multi colored, water resistant, compressible cement based fine grout joint up to 6mm
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  • During tiling allocate minimum joints of 2mm wide for wall tiling & 3 mm wide for floor tiling.
  • Allow adhesive bed to set 24 hours before grouting commences.
  • Ensure that joints are dry, clean or free of contaminants.
  • Mix weberfill fine grout with Clean Water (or webermix GT-mix I) as per the recommended mix ratio.
  • Mechanical mixing is recommended to obtain a uniform coloured mortar. Ensure pigments are thoroughly dispersed during mixing.
  • Apply grout into joints using a grout float / rubber squeegee,ensuring joints are fully compacted with grouting mortar.
  • Apply to small areas at time; and clean excess or residue grout promptly using a damp cloth or sponge; before it dries out.
  • When grout is sufficiently firm, polish tile surface with a clean dry cloth to remove grout film / haze.
  • Allow grout to set for 24 - 48 hours.

Key Facts

  • Suitable for grouting or pointing joints up to 3mm wide only.
  • Suitable scratch highly glazed ceramic tile surface.
  • durable color appearance  


  • Colour variation or cracking may occur with Coloured Grout due to reasons beyond manufacturers control ie. excessive water in mixing and cleaning, condition of mixing water, finishing techniques, site condition, mode of mixing & application, tile porosity variation, efflorescence etc.
  • Colour Pigments in Coloured Grout may stain or discolor certain tiles or natural stone slabs; therefore a trial should be conducted to determine ease of cleaning and compatibility, before actual application commences.
  • Certain colours may not be stable when expose to external conditions, please contact our Technical Advisory Department when making colour selection.
  • Coloured Pigmented Products may discolour and / or form efflorescence under external weather conditions in time; which is a natural phenomenon.
  • It is the responsibility of users / applicators to determine suitability of grout; prior to actual application.


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