webermix admix I

ready to use, Water-Based Emulsion Polymer, specially formulated for use with Weber’s range of Cement-Based Tile Adhesive.
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  • Surface Preparation : Surface to receive tiles must be well cured, dry, sound and free of contamination. When fixing onto building boards, a surface primer ie. webermix SBR is required
  • Mixing : webermix admix I is ready to use; therefore does not required further addition of water. Add cement-based tile adhesive into webermix admix I. Stir using mechanical mixer, until a slump-free, workable adhesive mortar is obtained. 
  • Application : cement-based tile adhesive modified with webermix admix I should be applied in the normal approved procedure. Apply adhesive to surface, to the required bed thickness. Fix ceramic tiles or natural stone slab immediately before the "open time" expires.

Please refer related tile adhesive technical data sheet for detail

Key Facts

  • Recommended for swimming pool
    and external wet area
  • High Solid content
  • Improved bonding strength
  • Improved flexural strength


  • Mix propotion : Admixture for adhesive= Approx. 6-8 ltrs per 25kg tile adhesive. 6-7 ltrs per 20kg tile adhesive
  • Pot life : Approx. 1 hour at 25°C
  • Open time : Approx. 15 - 20 minute
  • Application temperature : Above 8°C - 50°C
  • Shelf Life : 6 month


webermix admix 1